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Posted: 31st August 2011 by T Miller in Home
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We have a couple parties coming up (L’s 1 year birthday and a bridal shower I’m throwing for a friend) which are motivating me to finish up some projects around the house. Grandma Miller will be in town this weekend to watch L while W and I try and knock out some of our to-do list.

I’m finally getting close to completing the guest bedroom! This is the last bedroom in our house, so our next child has to be a girl because I don’t intend to redecorate.

You’d think a swoosh design would be easier to layout, but I had to reposition these plates about a hundred times on the floor before I was happy with the arrangement. I used paper cutouts and painter’s tape to position the design on the wall before I nailed anything in, which made hanging really simple. A couple of these plates are from a set my great-grandmother gave to me, and the rest are cheap dishes I found at the local antique mall for $2-3 each. It ended up being a pretty cheap wall hanging.

The bed is a trundle so we can actually sleep two people in here.

I still plan to add some decorative paint (free-hand flower border) to the three mirrors over the dresser, and I might add a lamp in the corner and a rug. But for now I’m calling it done.

(Ignore the girl in the mirror)

Here’s a bad photo of the curtain. I sewed this valance while I was pregnant and recovered/painted the chair in the corner. I also bought the chandelier about a year ago, and I’m still in love with it.

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